2023 GHSA Clinic and Test

All adult GLOA officials are required to watch the GHSA online rules clinic via the GHSA learning platform AND complete the 50 question NFHS rules exam via Dragonfly in order to officiate GHSA Varsity and Junior Varsity games during the 2023 season.

Officials who do not complete these will only be assigned youth games and be required to join USA Lacrosse.


  • GHSA Online Rules Clinic: January 17 – February 6, 2023
  • GHSA Online Rules Exam: January 23 – February 6, 2023

The USA Lacrosse tests and the NCAA test DO NOT satisfy this requirement. You MUST take the NFHS test via Dragonfly and watch the GHSA clinic.

GHSA Clinic 

January 17 – February 6, 2023

To take the clinic go to GHSA Learning Portal

Login using your login ID and password.  If you are a new GHSA official, click create new account and follow the instructions.

If you are a new official and do not officiate other GHSA sports you will need to register on the site to take the clinic. Click on the FAQ tab for instructions.

Clinic Certificate

Please be sure to download the Clinic certificate that confirms you completed the clinic. We have had issues in the past and want to avoid confusion.


January 23 – February 6, 2023

To take the GHSA test go to Dragonfly 

Officials must complete GHSA registration and pay all fees to gain access to NFHS exam portal.

All users will need to sign into their Dragonfly account, go to their GHSA requirements and click on the exam requirement (see below).  This will take you directly to the NFHS exam system.

Officials who have not set up an account with Dragonfly must do so in order to take the NFHS Exam. This simple setup process takes about two minutes and provides the NFHS and GHSA all the necessary information for the collection of results.

Please note that you must use the email address you use for Dragonfly in order to access the NFHS exam site.  If you already have an NFHS account, that too must use the same email address and password.

If you do not see the test on your dragonfly account, be sure to complete your GHSA registration and pay all fees.

If you have questions, please contact Landon Hunsucker [email protected] or Clyde Allen [email protected] for assistance.

To Access the 2023 Lacrosse Exam

Login to Dragonfly.

Click on the the red Not Done button on the right and follow the instructions.

If you have problems logging into the site or have trouble completing the test or clinic, please contact Landon Hunsucker IMMEDIATELY at [email protected].

USA Lacrosse Members

If you plan to work ONLY youth games you MUST be a USA lacrosse member and complete all requirements.

If you are a USA lacrosse member for insurance purposes please be sure to recertify.

More info on the certification process can be found here.

Study Resources

This pre-season, we have made available rules quizzes and other resources  in order to give officials the opportunity to get into the rule book and hone their rules knowledge. Each quiz will address one or two rules in the book. In addition to the quizzes, you will also find links to the online eBook versions of the rules book, the 2021 USL NFHS rules exam pdf, the US Lacrosse Rules Changes Webinar and the 2021 Boys Lacrosse Rules Interpretation video.