Interested in Officiating

Lacrosse continues to be the fastest-growing sport at in the United States. In Georgia, boy’s lacrosse has grown dramatically since the 1990s when only a few teams played in the Atlanta area.  There are over 100 varsity lacrosse programs in the state as well as multiple youth leagues. While most of the programs are in the metro Atlanta areas, new teams have joined the GHSA in the Macon and Augusta areas.

No Experience Necessary

While having the played the sport is helpful, no lacrosse experience is necessary. Some of our best official did not grow up playing or watching the sport.  Basketball officials in particular tend to make the transition to lacrosse the fastest, but officials from other sports are highly encouraged to join! GLOA has a nationally recognized training program. You can learn game from experienced trainers in the classroom and veteran officials on the field. In addition to having the best seat in the house, lacrosse officials run around four miles per game so it’s a great way to stay in shape and you can earn extra money while doing something you love! 

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