Fall Boys Referee Clinic Info

The GLOA in partnership with various Youth Leagues and Programs offers US Lacrosse Officials Certification. The following brief overview of what an Official’s training involves:

  • Online Course: Rules Online Course is Mandatory one time.
  • Classroom Training: Learn the rules, mechanics, penalty administration, positioning, etc. (6-8 hours)
  • Two (2) Annual Rules Exams: NFHS High School and US Lacrosse Youth Level exam
  • On Field Training and Evaluation- participants officiating live games!
  • Annual Free Recertification Class in January

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read ALL of this information carefully. 

US Lacrosse Membership

Adults who plan to do GHSA games who are not USL members are encouraged, but not required to join.  Adults who want to work youth games only MUST be USL members.  Non USL members will be asked to take a seperate exam that we will email to you once you have attended the class.

All officials who have not graduated from high school must be US Lacrosse members.

5 Steps to Completing Certification

To become a certified US lacrosse Official you must complete ALL five (5) of these requirements.

Please click the links to learn more about each step.

  1. Register with US Lacrosse. Many of the problems that arise are a result of expired or linked memberships. If there is a problem you will need to call the US Lacrosse members services at (410) 235-6882, ext. #102 or email membership@uslacrosse.org.

    Do not use your parent’s email address!  

  2. Complete the “Boys’ Lacrosse Rules Online Course” via the US Lacrosse Learning Platform on the USL website before the class. This course is a brief introduction to the rules and officiating. THIS IS NOT THE RULES TEST.  

  3. Attend the Class.  Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled and checked in. We suggest you bring a snack and a water bottle, pen and paper.

  4. Pass BOTH the NFHS and Youth Tests (85% or higher) BEFORE Field Training. These must be taken online! Please wait to take these AFTER you have your rule book and have taken the class.

  5. Complete Field Training. Signups for these games will be available after the class via SignupGenius and open to these who complete all requirements on a first come, first served basis. Make sure you complete the tests in time to sign up. I will remove you from a spot if you have not sent me your test scores.

    Please note you MUST be in full uniform for these games. More information will be sent out once you have registered.  If you are unable to do so or have a conflict we will work with you to schedule a game on another date. However, If you can’t complete this field training this fall you start the process over. 


This is the place where you can access the “2019 Boys Lacrosse Rules Online Course” and once you have completed the class, where  both tests you will need to complete can be found. 

Visit https://learning.uslacrosse.org/. Select: Catalog, Officials, Men’s Game Officials, and then “2018 Boys Lacrosse Rules Online Course.”

You must use the email you have registered with your US Lacrosse account; NOT your parents email. The course MUST be completed under your account, if not you will need to retake it. 

Please complete on a laptop or desktop computer. You may experience technical issues on tablet or mobile browsers.

This course is FREE for all current USL members. If you are being asked to pay, check with member services regarding your account (see above).

Both the NFHS and Youth tests are located under Annual Rules Exams.

Please DO NOT TAKE either rules test until AFTER you complete the in person class. 


Payment for Class

Please note that payment is required, preferably via PalPal, prior to attending class. If you are having difficulty, please contact Greg Hite at ATL.LacrosseRef@gmail.com.

Communication Policy

Becoming an official is a serious undertaking.  Your child will be responsible for maintaining a safe, fair and fun contest ever time they officiate. They are in charge, not the coaches or the parents.  When they join a league or association, they will be responsible for regularly communicating with assignors, league and team administrators and your fellow officials.

You must have your own email address. Parents can not share and email with their child. 

If you have a question, YOUR CHILD should be the one to contact me.