About GLOA

The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) was founded in 2002 by a number of lacrosse enthusiasts in Atlanta in an effort to promote lacrosse officiating in Georgia.

The GLOA has four main goals:

  1. To provide game officials for the sport of men’s lacrosse, primarily at the high school level, in the State of Georgia
  2. To instruct and educate players, coaches, parents, and fans of the sport of lacrosse and the rules governing play
  3. To train, educate, and certify persons for officiating the sport of men’s lacrosse
  4. To promote the growth and development of the sport of lacrosse in the State of Georgia

GLOA members officiate both Georgia High School Association (GHSA) contests and boys youth lacrosse games in Georgia. GLOA members are independent contractors.

We have over 180 adults members and over 200 youth officials.  We serve the vast majority of GHSA programs as well as the majority of youth programs in the metro Atlanta area.

GLOA founding members

GLOA Founding Members (L to R): Wade Laenika, Dave Adams, Jim Westbrook, A. Nick Brown, William Powell, Pat Patterson and Luis Diaz.