GLOA officials are asked to always look professional and best represent the association. Wearing GLOA branded gear also helps us get our name out their and attract new officials.

The association has some gear on hand (e.g. certification cards, coins and patches).  However, in order to alleviate the need to store a large amount of gear, the GLOA has opened an online gear store for summer shirts, white summer hats, polos and t-shirts.

The board receives no compensation for orders made on the site. Per our agreement with Logosoft, the board declined commission in favor of passing a 15% across the board savings to our members.

If you have questions about any GLOA gear,  please contact Greg Hite at [email protected].

Certification Cards

These cards are provided to officials who are Referees at the beginning of the season. They are printed in color with the GLOA shield logo, on card stock and shrink wrapped in packs of fifty.  If you need more, just let us know. FREE.

If you would like to print your won cards you can find both PDF and Word documents on our Resources page.

Ron Mallonee Memorial Coins

Coins are provided to officials after they have completed their second full season with the association. Members may purchase additional coins for $3.00.

Summer Shirts

These green lightweight shirts are worn during the off season, and for non-GHSA events. Please note that these shirts run a bit small, so you may want to get a larger size. Sizes:  M, L, Xl, 2XL, 3XL. Purchase online at the GLOA Gear Store.

White Summer Hats

These white mesh hats worn for non-GHSA events (e.g. youth games and tournaments), and during the fall and summer.  Purchase online at the GLOA Gear Store.

GLOA Polo Shirts

These polo shirts are a great way to arrive at a game looking professional, to change into after the game or out and about.We have M, L, Xl, 2XL, 3XL. Purchase online at the GLOA Gear Store.