Rules Interpretation

GHSA contests are conducted under NFHS rules (check out the NFHS Rules Page for the most recent POEs and changes) with some modifications.  The rules interpreter for the state of Georgia is Jeremy Redmon. Please submit any question to

As questions are answered, we will post them here chronologically for officials and coaches to review.

2018 Rule Interpretations

The NFHS and US Lacrosse regularly release memos clarifying rules and situations. In addition rulings by the Georgia State Rules Interpreter are posted here.



It is imperative that officials check the goals during the pre-game.  If there are holes in the net, these MUST be fixed. Inform the home teams head coach immediately if there is an issue with the goals.  Though not required, having a few zip ties in your bag can expedite the repair process. You can quickly run back to your car and solve the problem.

Field Dimensions

A standard NFHS lacrosse field is 110 yards by 531/3 to 60. This means that teams may use the football sideline (531/3) or the soccer sidelines (60) but that the endline should be midway through the football endzone.   Free standing soccer goals must be moved out of the way.

We only aware of one school that is considering the unified field layout. In this case, any soccer posts on the endline must be padded for the field to be legal.

Eye Shade

Player may wear eye black, but it must be one solid stroke with no words, numbers, logos or symbols.

Rule 1.10.1 h. Eye shade (grease or non-glare strips or stickers) that is not a solid stroke or includes words, numbers, logos or other symbols within the eye shade.”

1.10.1 SITUATION E: A1 has eye shade (grease or non-glare strips or stickers) that is (a) a solid stroke; (b) includes words, numbers, logos or other symbols; or (c) extends outside the eye socket or below the cheek bone. RULING: (a) legal; (b) and (c) illegal. In (b) and (c), A1 must adjust the eye shade before returning to play.”

This is a 1 minute non-releasable illegal equipment penalty that can be easily avoided if officials are attentive during the pre-game.  If you see any player with the full face paint, words, symbols etc….simply ask them to remove it before the game starts and be sure to inform the head coach.  Catch this early in the season and it won’t be an issue.

Player Not Wearing Mouthpiece

You MUST be 100% sure it didn’t come out as a result of play, (i.e. mouthpiece stuck on top of helmet, glove or sock).

Team A not wearing mouthpiece: immediate whistle, turn ball over.

1.9.1 SITUATION B: A1, while driving to the goal, has no mouthpiece, the mouthpiece is hanging from his face mask or it is in his mouth but not worn properly. RULING: Stop play, technical violation, award ball to Team B unless the official knows the mouthpiece came out as a result of play.

Think of it as offsides, if team A has the ball and is offsides you wouldn’t let them have more time to score, kill the play and award to B.

If the team B is not wearing a mouthpiece, flag down and immediate whistle unless imminent scoring opportunity. B serves 30 second technical.

If there is ANY chance it came out as a result of play in either situation (Team A or B not wearing), whistle play dead if no immediate scoring opportunity and have him put mouthpiece in or sub off, Team A keeps ball.

If a goal is scored and officials realize the scoring player is not wearing a mouthpiece before the next faceoff, the goal counts, dead ball technical, award faceoff to opposing team.

Rule 1.9.1 SITUATION E: A1 scores a goal. Before the next faceoff, it is noticed that (a) A1 is not wearing a legal uniform; (b) A1 is not wearing one or more mandatory pieces of protective equipment other than a mouthpiece; (c) has no mouthpiece. RULING: (c) Goal counts, technical violation, no time served. In all cases the game restarts with the ball awarded to Team B on its offensive half of the field at the Center.

As always, be sure to practice preventative officiating.  What we want is for players to be wearing mouthpieces properly and the best way for us to make that happen is to talk to the players. If you see a player whose mouthpiece is dangling from his helmet or doesn’t have it completely in and you do not know how it came out, simply ask them to put it in and continue to remind all players throughout the game.