You may view the videos of our 2024 rules two man boys lacrosse officials training program and you may download any of the PPT presentations to your computer by clicking on the file name below each video.

Presentation were created by GLOA board member Greg Hite, USA Lacrosse Clinician and Lead Trainer. All comments, criticisms, suggestions or ideas are welcome.

First Year Adult and Youth Official Training

These are the most recent presentations and include the 2023 rules changes.

These Videos and PowerPoint presentations are designed to address some of the key rules and mechanics for those seeking Level 1 certification and are based on USA Lacrosse mechanics and National Federation rules.

We have laid out the videos in the order in which they are covered in the training. Note that we have changed the order from previous years so that we get to the positioning and fouls earlier and leave the uniform and pre-game info for later.

Trainers are encouraged to use these videos to flip the classroom and keep participants engaged before or in-between training sessions.

If anyone has comments, suggestions or concerns with any of the presentations, please feel free to reach out to me with your feedback.

More presentations coming soon.