Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of a board member and two at large members selected by the board. Current members are GLOA Board member Gordon Corsetti, James Manley and James Jackson.

Current GLOA Ethics Committee Members

Gordon Corsetti

James Manley

James Jackson

Fine Structure

It is clear that playoff game ineligibility is not enough of a deterrent for members to follow the requirements, policies and procedures set forth by the GLOA, GHSA, and NFHS.  These fines create  a consequence for non-compliance. Of particular concern are officials who watch the online rules clinics and do not take the required rules tests. No official should officiate a contest who has not taken the required tests. 

All fines and fees assessed to any member shall be paid to the Treasurer of GLOA and deposited in the Kevin Moore Fund in order to support professional development opportunities for member officials in good standing.

GLOA Board Members shall be held at a higher standard than members of the body. If a member of the GLOA Board is in violation of the no show and/or late assignment standards set by the Board, the board member’s penalty shall be assessed at the second penalty level.

When a fine is assessed, the assignor shall send an email to [email protected] and indicate what the issue is and the fine being assessed. A board member shall be tasked with tracking all fines and reporting this information to the treasurer.

You may view the complete Fine Structure here.

Reporting a Violation

Any official desiring to report a finable offense or violation of the GLOA Code of Ethics should send an email to [email protected]. A report must be made within 48 hours of any incident.

Appeals Process

All fines, fees, and Ethic Committee decisions may be appealed to the GLOA Board. In order to appeal, the member shall present to the President a written request via email to have their appeal heard by the Board within thirty (30) days of being informed of a violation. Before an appeal can be scheduled; all fines, fees or penalties that have been assessed must be paid in full.

Within seven (7) days of receiving a written request for an appeal, the President shall schedule a meeting with the GLOA Board. A quorum of the Board must be present to conduct a hearing. The decision of the Board will be final.

The member must appear at the location and time scheduled (the meeting may be a conference call or held remotely), unless the member has requested and been granted an extension for the hearing. The non-appearance of the appealing member at the hearing will deem the original fine, fee, or Ethics decision as being valid. No future appeals will be allowed.