Youth League Rules

GLOA assigns officials for a number of leagues.  You will find the rules listed below.

  • Please note that officials should NOT wear the GHSA patch when officiating non-GHSA games.
  • Similarly, you are not covered by GLOA insurance unless you are assigned by GLOA.
  • Often, officials working youth games wear our GLOA summer shirt and a white hat, please be sure to confirm what you will wear before the game and note that all officials must be dressed identically.

Please confirm the timing rules prior to each contest. Also, please note the rule differences between NFHS and Youth, so please make sure you cover these in your coaches conference prior to the start of a game and confirm the rules.

Timing rules are either 12 minute running quarters or 10 minute running quarters. Again confirm during the coaches meeting.

If you have any questions about any of these rule please email our rules interpreter at [email protected].

2022 Youth Leagues Rules