Uniforms and Equipment

Most of the stuff we use, we buy online.  Be aware that you need to allow for delivery time, so plan ahead.  It is important to look professional, but you do not need to spend a lot of money to do so. Target, TJ Maxx, and Amazon are great places to get deals on shorts, socks, and shoes for officiating. When in doubt go all black!

There are differences between youth and adult uniforms as well as spring and off-season uniforms, so please read carefully.

At the end of this post you will find links to online vendors as well as a local store to make your purchases.

New Officials

If you are a new official, focus on the key pieces:
    • Good hat (black with white pipe for Spring, all white for summer and fall)
    • Short and long sleeve 2″ striped shirts for GHSA games (adults only)
    • GLOA green shirt for all youth, fall and summer games
    • Black shorts
    • Black shoes
    • Black ankle socks.
    • Black jacket

Crew MUST Dress Identically

Based on the NFHS Rules and GHSA policy (see below), uniforms worn by game officials MUST be identical.

NFHS Rule 2-5 Art 3 states that “The uniform should fit properly and be clean and neat. All officials working the game are to be dressed the same.”

Officials Guidelines on the GHSA website UNIFORM STANDARDS echos the NFHS rules: “Officials are required to adhere to the uniform policy of the respective sport/contest in which they are involved. Officials should always dress in an appropriate manner to and from each game assignment. Officials are expected to adhere to acceptable grooming standards and are not allowed to use tobacco of any fashion upon arrival at the game site, during the game/contest, and until they are away from the venue. Officials within a crew are required to wear identical uniforms items. Exception: Baseball/softball plate umpires.”

This means that long black undershirts or tights are acceptable under short sleeves or short ONLY if all officials wear them. Jackets will be worn ONLY if ALL officials wear them.

The board would hope that Referees work with their crew to make a diplomatic decision as to what to wear; with that being said,  the Referee has the final say.. Making sure everyone is comfortable is essential in getting the best effort and focus from the crew during a contest.

It is imperative the crew communicate prior to the game what the expectations are for the contest and make sure to bring ALL of your equipment should game conditions change. If you do not have a required piece of equipment, be sure to let the rest of your crew know. Many of the more experienced officials have extra gear that you can borrow.

Regular Season GHSA Uniform

The uniform requirements the regular GHSA season for includes:

    • 2″ stripped shirt for GHSA contests ONLY.

      Striped Shirts (2-inch vertical black/white stripes with black collar and black cuffs and a pocket on the left breast; long sleeve and short sleeve), GHSA logo above breast pocket and US flag on left shoulder.
    • Undershirt Solid black t-shirt or turtleneck.
      • Any visible undergarments must be black.
    • Shorts Solid black with belt loops, no mesh lacrosse or basketball shorts.
    • Shoes All black; mark out any white logos or swooshes with a black marker – shined. Cleats are not required, but may be worn on natural grass surfaces. Many of our officials wear turf shoes or basketball shoes on turf fields.
    • Socks All black ankle socks. No calf length  or no-see-ums.
    • Belt 1 1/4 – 2 inches in width, solid black with a plain buckle.
    • Hat (black baseball style cap with white piping)- be sure to always have a nice hat!
    • Mask or gaiter, all black (if worn on field)

Required Equipment

    • Fox 40 Finger Whistle (spare optional)- a lanyard whistle may be used for faceoffs.
    • Digital Wrist Watch Must have countdown timer function.
    • Flags Two yellow with black tip.
    • Scorecard May use a plastic one or a paper one you print out or use an index card.
    • Pencil Golf or library pencil is fine. May purchase “bullet pencil” from officials store.
    • Coin (Half-dollar size or larger). GLOA coins are available to members who have worked two full seasons.
    • 6’ Mini Tape Measure small, not the Bob the Builder size, but at least 6 feet.
    • 20-second Timer There are 2 types: the 20 second timers and the 1:40/20 second timers, the later is great for managing time outs and time between periods.
    • Coaches Certification Cards GLOA cards are available to officials who are assigned as Referees; email [email protected]  if you need more or you may download a PDF on the Resources page.

Boys Lacrosse 20/100 second dual timer.

20-Second Timer

All adult officials are REQUIRED to have a 20-second timer. You CANNOT work High School games without one.
Youth refs DO NOT need to purchase a 20-second timer as the games they work do not have a 20-count.
There are 2 types: the 20 second timers and the dual 20/100 second timers, the later is great for managing time outs and time between periods. You can use also use a Ready Ref if you adjust the time to 20-seconds.
This is the most expensive piece of equipment you will purchase. Here are some places you can find them:
20 Second Timers: just has the 20 second clock
20/100 Second Timers: has the 20 and 100 (for timeouts)

Optional Uniform & Equipment

Check out the post on optional and required equipment: Essential Equipment.”

These are things you may want to add to your collection given that the weather in Georgia can range from 100 and sunny to 30 and sleeting (often in the same game).

    • Jacket  All black.
    • Long Pants All black rain pants with belt loops. No white stripe or GHSA logo.
    • Gloves All black.
    • Gear Bag You use a men’s toiletry bag (aka Dop Kit) for all your whistles, flags, cards and coins. Gear bags embroidered with your name and the GLOA logo are available
    • Whistle Bag (Small bag for flags, whistles etc.)
    • Magic Eraser
    • Zip Ties
    • Sunscreen

Youth Uniform

Youth officials where the same uniform EXCEPT they wear the green GLOA summer shirt (see below). For games where the weather is cold or rainy, a long sleeve all black undershirt or all black jacket may be worn.

Youth officials may wish to purchase a green GLOA summer shirt for fall and summer games (see below) as many adult officials they’ll be working with will choose to wear that in lieu of the stripped shirt. 

Youth, Summer & Fall Game Uniform

summeruniGLOA summer shirt and the white GLOA hat for off-season games. New adult officials will be reimbursed who work fall or summer games will be reimbursed for their shirt.  Be sure to save your receipt.

Youth officials are required to purchase a green GLOA summer shirt through the GLOA online gear store.

Summer shirts do run small, so you may want to order a size larger than you normally wear. New adult officials who work summer games will be reimbursed for a shirt at the end of the summer season.

If you need have questions, email [email protected].

GISA Uniform

We now work games for GISA affiliated schools.  You CANNOT wear GHSA patches on GISA games.

You are allowed to wear:

  • summer shirts
  • blank stripped 1′ or 2″ shirts
  • all black shirts or jackets

Just be sure to match your partners.

Uniform & Equipment Stores

You can often find package deals if you are just starting out.  Shorts and socks can be found at discount stores like WalMart,Target, TJ Max or Bealls.

There is on store in Atlanta that we know of that sells officials gear.

Four Seasons Sporting Goods
5309 Old National Highway
College Park, GA 30349

(404) 768-7989

We buy most of our equipment online: