Awards and Championships Crews

The GLOA believes in recognizing those officials in our association who go above and beyond what is necessary to help improve the association and grow the game of lacrosse in our state. Awards are presented at the annual end of season banquet hosted by the association.

You may see the past recipients of each awards as well as the crews for the 7/6A and 1-5A championship games.

Presidents Award Winners

Awarded by the board to a member who had made significant contributions to the Association.

2021 – Greg Hite
2019 – Landon Hunsucker
2018 – Greg Hite
2015 – Stuart Smith

Ron Mallonee Award Winners

Named in honor of Charter Member Ron Malloneee who passed away in 2004, this annual award acknowledges the one GLOA official who has exhibited the highest level of dedication and service to the association and unfailingly is willing to help grow the game of lacrosse.

2023 – Clyde Allen
2022 – Greg Hite
2021 – Stuart Smith
2019 – Michael Collver
2018 – Herbert Phillips
2017 – Jeremy Redmon
2016 – William Powell
2015 – Tony Rouse
2014 – Ryan Rowe
2013 – Patrick Joyce
2012 – Luis Diaz
2011 – Jon Ochsner
2010 – Landon Hunsucker
2009 – Peter Fleury
2008 – Bob Jackson
2007 – Sonny Pieper
2006 – Damian Kavanagh
2005 – Jim Westbrook

Iron Man Award Winners

The Iron Man Award goes to the GLOA official who covered the most association games during the spring high school season.

2023 – Alan Skinner
2022 – Brian Couture
2021 – Brian Couture
2019 – Chris Peters
2018 – Topher Lawson
2017 – Topher Lawson
2016 – Brian Higgins
2015 – Clyde Allen
2014 – Andy Halperin
2013 – Topher Lawson
2012 – Topher Lawson
2011 – Topher Lawson

2010 – Jeff Greene

Luis Diaz Road Warrior Award Winners

The official who traveled the most miles to cover association games during the spring high school season. In 2021 the award was renamed in honor of Luis Diaz, a charter member of the GLOA, and an official who has driven many miles.

2023 – Brian Krause
2022 – Bobby Walker
2021 – Bobby Walker
2019 – Chris Klinker
2018 – Marvin Ruff
2017 – Brian Higgins
2016-  Marvin Ruff
2015 – Mike Carnahan
2014 – Mike Carnahan
2013 – Andrew Halperin
2012 – Stuart Smith
2011 – Mike Gossett
2010 – Mike Gossett

Eric Rudolph Golden Whistle Award Winners

The Golden Whistle Award was established in 2014 and is presented in recognition of an official who has excelled during the season. In 2021, the award was renamed in honor of Eric Rudolph. Eric helped to establish lacrosse in Georgia in the early 1990’s and was a founding member of the GLOA. He is a board member emeritus. He has served on and continues to provide advice to the association. He has served on the rules committees of US Lacrosse, NFHS and the International Lacrosse Federation and is collegiate assignor for much of District 5.

2023 – Brian Kelly
2022 – Michael Kasmarik
2021 – Taylor Robbins
2019 – Mark Blye
2018 – James Manley
2017 – Christopher Cook
2016 – Richard Naszcyniec
2015 – Simon Payne
2014 – Trevor Congleton

Kevin Moore Rookie of the Year Award Winners

In his first year of lacrosse officiating, this Rookie of the Year award winner has exemplified strong knowledge of the rules and mechanics, displayed superior field presence, demonstrated openness and diligence to learning, or any other behaviors that bring honor to the game and to officiating. In 2021, the board decided to rename the award in honor of charter member Kevin Moore, a founding member of the GLOA who was a tireless advocate for new officials.

2023 – Blake Witherbottom
2022 – Alan Skinner, Michael Hawkes (Non-Metro Atlanta)
2021 – Raymond Stubblefield
2019 – Shanahan Martinez
2018 – Trevor Coleman
2017 – Bobby Walker
2016 – Rob Tuttle
2015 – Todd Crafton
2014 – Wytch Rigger
2013 – Adrian Joyner
2012 – Brian Higgins
2011 – Steve Getty

2010 – Eric Sanders

Most Improved Official Award Winners

In his second year (or higher) of lacrosse officiating, this Most Improved award winner has shown the greatest effort to improve as a lacrosse official and has demonstrated that improvement. Evidence may include attendance at officiating camps or lacrosse tournaments, increase in quantity and/or quality of games assigned, becoming certified to do 3-man mechanics and/or college games, improved physical fitness for officiating or any other improvements specified with the nomination.

2023 – Zach Blye
2019 – Johnny Davis
2018 – Terry Maike
2017 – Bryan Stanforth
2015 – Chris LaPierre
2014 – Patrick Hunter
2013 – Gregg Rubin
2012 – Clinton Myrick
2011 – Tim Spann
2010 – Gordon Corsetti

7A Championship Game Crews

2024 – Mike Montgomery, Taylor Robbins, Greg Rubin, Brian Krause
2023 – Patrick Joyce, Rob Tuttle, Mark Blye, Greg Rubin

6/7A Championship Game Crews

2022 – Gordon Corsetti, James Manley, Patrick Stanton, Tom McGee, Chris Foran, Ryan Peters
2021 – Dale Hall, Brian Higgins, Mike Collver, James Manley
2019 – Mike Collver, Chris Klinker, Topher Lawson, Jeff Gary
2018 – Tony Rouse, Herbert Phillips, Patrick Stanton, Brian Higgins
2017 – Trey Towery, Patrick Joyce, Kurt Trampell, Henry Autler
2016 – Andy Halperin, Eric Sanders, Chris Klinker, Clyde Allen
2015 – Peter Fleury, Herbert Phillips, Mike Montgomery, Luis Diaz
2014 – Ryan Rowe, Stuart Smith, Gordon Corsetti, Chris Klinker
2013 – Landon Hunsucker, Mike Collver, Dale Hall, Jeremy Redmon
2012 – Peter Fleury, Landon Hunsucker, Patrick Fecke, Art Halperin
2011 – Jon Ochsner, Patrick Joyce, Mike Gossett, Stuart Smith
2010 – Sonny Pieper, Dale Hall, Trey Towery, Jeff Green

5/6A Championship Game Crews

2024 – Mike Collver, Chris Foran, Jeff Leonhardt, Mark Lancaster
2023 – Herbert Phillips, Clinton Myrick, Shanahan Martinez, Bill Peters

1-4A Championship Game Crews

2024 – Stuart Smith, Greg Thompson, Raymond Stubblefield Jr., David McCullough
2023 – Tony Rouse, Clyde Allen, Mike Kasmarick, Doug Bialecki

1-5A Championship Game Crews

2022 – Mike Montgomery, Julius Milton, Chris Peters, Brian Couture, Chris Foran, Ryan Peters
2021 – Trey Towery, Gordon Corsetti, Matthew Costello, Rob Tuttle
2019 – Patrick Joyce, Tony Rouse, Chris Peters, Jeff Leonhardt
2018 – William Powell, Greg Hite, Stuart Smith, Jason DeMarchi
2017 – Mike Montgomery, Landon Hunsucker, Clyde Allen, Chris Peters
2016 – Mike Collver, Herbert Phillips, Greg Hite, Patrick Stanton
2015 – Trey Towery, Jeremy Redmon, Andy Halperin, Clinton Myrick
2014 – Patrick Joyce, William Powell, Greg Hite, Jeff Greene
2013 – Tony Rouse, Trey Towery, Jeff Green, Gordon Corsetti
2012 – Trey Towery, Dale Hall, Tony Rouse, Kurt Trampel
2011 – Pete Fleury, Damian Kavanagh, Ryan Rowe, Bob Foster
2010 – Jeff Bruso, Landon Hunsucker, Tony Rouse, Scott Niedehauser

All Classification Championship Game Crews

2009 – Pete Fleury, Jeff Bruso, Jon Ochsner, Ryan Rowe
2008-  Jim Westbrook, Pete Fleury, Patrick Joyce, Tony Rouse
2007-  Jim Westbrook, Sonny Pieper, Patrick Joyce, Landon Hunsucker
2006 – Lou Diaz, Jim Westbrook, Pete Fleury, Daniel Linsley
2005 – Sonny Pieper, Damian Kavanagh, Jon Ochsner, Bill Powell
2004 – Jim Westbrook, Pete Fleury, Ron Mallonee, Kevin Moore
2003 – Jim Westbrook, Kevin Moore, Ron Mallonee
2002 – Kevin Moore, Skip Thomas