GLOA has a Krossover account which allows the Board, Observers, Trainers, and members access to game and share film.

Watching yourself on film is THE BEST WAY to improve your performance.

Former NFL referee Ed Hochuli said, “If you believe there is no room for improvement, get out of officiating because the next step is an obvious decline. That is embarrassing to you and your fellow officials. Every year, I am less content with my own abilities. I see so many great officials and I realize how many things I have to work on.”

And film does not lie.  If you want, ask a trainer, mentor, observer or board member to watch the film and give you pointers.  Even better, watch it together!

Accessing Krossover

Go to

Your login is the email you use with arbiter and you will create a password for your account once you log in for the first time. If you have any issues or questions, email
Request Film

You may ask your Referee to request film from a coach. Most varsity and many JV games are filmed by the home team.

If a team uses Krossover, they may share the link with us. ur team name is GLOA or they can search for Greg Hite at

If they share the film with you, simply forward the link to the video to Mike Montgomery, the associations video coordinator, or any board member, trainer or assignor.

If the team uses HUDL, they can send us the film and we will upload the film to our Krossover account.

More information on how to use Krossover can be found on their support page.

If a Team Uses HUDL

Downloading A Game From Hudl Exchange

  1. Log into your Hudl Exchange account and find the game you would like to upload to Krossover. Once found, you need to select the format you would like to download the film in. For best results, we recommend downloading your film in the “Single MP4 File” format.
  2. Once you have selected the Single MP4 Format, click the blue “Download All the Video You Received” button under the game you’d like to download and have broken down. Downloading will begin automatically.
  3.  When the film has completed downloading, you can access the files two ways:
  4.  In your Hudl Exchange account, click on the game under “Recent Downloads” to the right. The video will automatically appear in your downloads bar.
  5. You will also be sent an email when your film is ready. You can click the link in the email to open the video as well.

    After that, save the files onto your computer into a folder that you can easily access.

Download A Game From Your Hudl Library (Your Games)

  1. In your Hudl account, go to your “Video” page and click on “Manage Library”.
    Select the playlist from your schedule.
  2. Click Download on the left hand side of the page.
  3. The file type dialog box will now appear. We recommend downloading your film in the “Single MP4 File” format.
  4. Click Prepare this Download and the download process will begin automatically.
  5. When you receive the email that your download is ready, simply click on the link. Your video will open in a zip file in your Downloads folder.
  6.  In your Downloads folder on your computer, right click on the film file and select Extract or Extract All.\
  7. Your film is now in .MP4 format for you to upload to Krossover.
    Your film is now ready for you to move it into other editing system or save it wherever you need it.

Upload Game Film to Krossover