Video Resources

There are a number of fantastic resources available for new and veteran officials. US Lacrosse Officials Educations, Lacrosse Film Room and Lacrosse Fire TV are all great places to see video that can help you grow as an official. And Finally, find video of your games.  Many coaches now tape all of there games and more »

GHSA Test Corrections Due Feb 26

It is the expectation of the board that Registered officials score an 80, Approved an 85 and Certified officials score a 90. For more info on the requirements, see the Officials Classification page. Any official who scored below an 85, must correct their test and cite the relevant rule for any their answer.

Tips for New (and Old) Officials

You’ve completed all the requirements: been through the classes, taken the GHSA clinic, watched the rules video, done your field work, and passed the test.  You have even read through the 2018 GLOA Game Guide. So now what? The class you took taught you a lot about the rules and mechanics of officiating, but there are you have 1000 questions running more »