2014 Spring Fever Lax Tournament, May 17-18

2014 Spring Fever LCThe GLOA will again be providing officials for the 2014 Spring Fever Lax Tournament.  The tournament is at Rabbit Hill Park, in Dacula, GA (north west of Lawrenceville), the weekend of May 1718.  The tournament organizers tell us there are over 60 teams, mostly U-15 and below (only 8 HS teams have signed up thus far).  

If any Adult Official is interested in officiating in this tournament, please do two things:

  1. Keep your blocks and “Ready” status up-to-date in Arbiter.  Game will be assigned based on your avilability.  If you do *not* want to do any of these games, please block yourself the entire weekend.  If you do want to do games, but can only do one day or another, or part of a day, keep your blocks updated appropriately.
  2. Send Stuart Smith an email at southassigner@galaxref.com with a general idea of your availability, as well as the number of games you’re willing to do.  e.g.: 3 max, 5 max, “load me up”, Saturday morning only, Sunday afternoon only, etc.  I will endeavor to assign accordingly.  

If you have any other constraints, such as you have a son playing in the tournament, let me know that as well.  

GLOA Sub-Assigner