2021 USA Lacrosse Rules Survey

The rules in most sports, including lacrosse, primarily serve two purposes – to help keep games fair and safe. Rules help govern the games and the equipment used in the games. USA Lacrosse works collaboratively with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the NCAA to write the rules for lacrosse, and the organizations often work together on rules development and player safety efforts. For that purpose, USA Lacrosse and the NFHS are currently seeking input and feedback from coaches, officials, players, and parents regarding the rules in boys’ and girls’ high school and youth lacrosse.

These surveys will remain open until May 27. Your input is appreciated.

The results from these surveys and online questionnaires provide the USL and NFHS rules committees with valuable opinions and suggestions regarding potential rule changes for the future.

“We are always seeking feedback on ways we can make the game better,” said Rick Lake, men’s lacrosse director at US Lacrosse. “These surveys are an opportunity for all youth and high school game participants to share their experiences with our rules committees and to impact possible changes for next season.”

“The surveys also allow the committees to receive feedback on recent rule changes, how they have been received at different levels of play, and to learn of any concerns or confusion around rules,” said Caitlin Kelley, women’s lacrosse director at US Lacrosse. “The committees often looks at the comments and responses to both define points of clarification and the points of emphasis for the upcoming rule books.”

In addition to the surveys, US Lacrosse welcomes rule suggestions year-round through its online submission form.