2017 Rules Test Make-up and Test Corrections

The primary goal of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association is to provide high quality officials for every contest it assigns. An officials rules knowledge is fundamental to achieving that goal. While not perfect, the open-book GHSA rules test is a good indicator of an official’s understanding of the rules of the game. More importantly, the test and clinic provide an important opportunity for officials to work through the rules changes and annual points of emphasis and improve their rules knowledge prior to the beginning of the spring season.

It is the expectation of the board that every member complete all of the requirements for officiating as set forth by the board and those laid out by the GHSA. While we recognize that technical difficulties can occur when taking the test, it is the responsibility of the official to contact the GLOA Secretary to resolve the issue. Similarly, it is the expectation of the board that officials should score above an 80 on the test in order to be considered qualified to work GHSA contests.

Therefore, the board is requiring that all officials who did not complete the 2017 GHSA rules test complete an online version of the test (a copy of the test can be found here).

In addition, the board is requiring any official who scored below an 80, correct their test and cite the relevant rule for any incorrect answer. Those individuals should log into exam.ghsa.net and select “review test,” copy and paste the question, correct answer and rule reference (by rule, not page number) into an email or word document and send completed answers to [email protected]. Officials should log in with their last name and the last 5 numbers of their social security.

In order to remain a member in good standing with the association, you must complete the make-up test or test corrections by Sunday, March 12.