GHSA Test Corrections Due Feb 26

It is the expectation of the board that Registered officials score an 80, Approved an 85 and Certified officials score a 90. For more info on the requirements, see the Officials Classification page.

Any official who scored below an 85, must correct their test and cite the relevant rule for any their answer.

Instructions for Submitting Corrections

  1. Those individuals should log into with their last name and the last 5 numbers of their social security.
  2. Under “My Tests” select the 2018 Boys Lacrosse Exam and click “Review Test.”
  3. You will see all of the questions and either a green check or a red x. Click the review link next to each incorrect answer.
  4. Copy and paste the question you answered incorrectly into an email or word document.
  5. Write in the correct answer with the correct answer’s rule reference (by rule, not page number e.g. Rule 5-4 b).
  6. Send completed answers to [email protected].

Test corrections must be completed by Monday, February 26, 2018.

The goal here is not to punish officials for poor scores but to help them improve their performance.  If you are having difficulty we encourage you to reach out to a board member, trainer or another veteran official for help.

Those members who did not take the exam should look for an email with further instructions on the steps they need to take.