2021 NFHS Rules Video & Corrections

Here is the 2021 NFHS rules interpretation video.  You may also find it on the GLOA YouTube channel along with rules videos from prior years.

Please note that there are a few corrections that were made after the the 2020 rulebook was finalized.

All of the editorial and rules updates may be found on the NFHS 2020 Boys Lacrosse Rules Corrections document.  Please be sure to update your rule book with these important changes.

So far these changes include:

Rule 4-22-1 – For all restarts, the game shall resume as quickly as possible and nearest to the spot of the ball when play stopped. All offensive players shall be 5 yards or more away from the player in possession of the ball. On the official’s whistle, play restarts.

Comment: As an editorial clarification the word offensive has been added.

Rule 5-11 SITUATION – The situation should read:

A1 receives a two-minute illegal crosse penalty and a one-minute non-releasable penalty for wearing football shoulder pads during the first quarter.  In the second half, A1 receives a two-minute, non-releasable penalty. RULING: A1 has fouled out of the game, but has not been ejected.

Comment: With the updated rule allowing for corrections to a crosse with a two-minute non-releasable penalty, this situation would no longer be accurate.

In addition, the new requirements for Goalkeepers is now in effect:

Rule 1.9.1 j states that Goalkeepers must wear a chest protector designed for lacrosse that has the NOCSAE ND200 mark to help reduce the chance of Commotio Cordis.

If you have any rules question, please reach out to GLOA state rules interpreter Jeremy Redmon at [email protected].