End of Year Payments

We know that everyone is anxious to get paid for their season’s worth of lacrosse games.

Treasurer Pete Fleury is in the process of invoicing all 60+ teams in the state of Georgia. After the schools receive their invoices, the schools have 30 days net to pay GLOA. As a result of this lengthy process, our GLOA referee payments typically are not mailed out until the month of June.

We ask for your patience during this time frame. There are over 135 officials in the association now! Pete will be working very hard to get everyone paid as quickly as possible. He has been known to put the “complainers” at the end of the line when it comes to end of year payments.

If you would like to receive your payment via Direct Deposit (which will speed your payment up 3 or 4 business days), please contact GLOA Treasurer Peter Fleury with your Bank Routing Number and your Account Number. Otherwise, you will receive a plain white check via US Mail from First Decatur Bank. Pete’s email is [email protected] and his cell phone is 770-827-7499.

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