GHSA Clinic & Test Close 2/6

learn GHSAAll adult GLOA members are required to complete the 2017 GHSA Boys Lacrosse Rules Clinic for Coaches and Officials as well as the 2017 GHSA Boys Lacrosse Rules Test. The Clinic will be available at starting on January 16 and running through February 6, 2017. The Rules Test will be available on beginning January 23 and offered until February 6, 2017. In order to receive credit for GHSA online rules clinics and the test, you must register and login to those sites.



You will login to using your last name and the last five (5) digits of your Social Security Number. GHSA uses the information given to us by your association secretary, so if you have problems logging into the site, please contact Dave Clements ([email protected]). Only currently registered officials will be able to take the test.

Warning – once you start the test you have 90 minutes from the start time in order to finish the test. You cannot log out of the testing system and then log back in later in order to try to suspend the test timer – the timer does not stop during that time. Please ensure that you have enough time to complete the test before starting.

Please try to take the test as early in the time frame as possible. If you attempt to take the test near the deadline, you must start the test with enough time to finish before midnight on the examination deadline. After the deadline has passed, you will be unable to answer any further questions and the test will be scored at that point.

Pop Up Blockers and Anti-Virus Software

Some popup blockers, anti-virus and ad-ware scanners may cause the registration form to be blocked at the end of the clinic. Please disable these items before viewing a clinic so ensure that you get the form. The clinics are known to work with Microsoft Security Essentials and McAfee.


Since the iPad and iPhone do not support Flash natively using Safari, you will need to use a different web browser.  The site has been tested using the Puffin web browser.  Puffin is available for free at the App Store.


Older Android phones and tablets with builtin Flash support (before Android 4.3 or Jellybean) will play the presentations.  However, newer devices with Android 4.3 or greater do not support Flash and will not play the presentations.  There are other browsers for Android that do support Flash and may be used – such as Proton or Puffin.  They are available at the Play Store.