GLOA Helpline

The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association is introducing a new helpline this year for its members. Of course, any of our members may call or email our state rules interpreter, Jeremy Redmon, or contact our assignors and trainers or anyone else for guidance. The free helpline simply adds another outlet for those seeking assistance with a broad variety of issues.

Seven of our members – all veterans, some board members, some non-board members and some certified US Lacrosse trainers – have agreed to answer your questions about mechanics, handling mistakes, communicating with coaches, improving your officiating, etc. You may decide to make your calls confidential or allow us to share the results so fellow GLOA members may benefit.

You can find contact information for our helpline officials in Arbiter.

  • Clyde Allen
  • Mike Collver
  • Gordon Corsetti
  • Dale Hall
  • Greg Hite
  • Herb Phillips
  • Jeremy Redmon