GLOA Playoff Table Coordinator Information

The Table Coordinator (TC) role is similar to that of normal table personal, who do not discuss rules or any other factors of the game with any coach, except for how much time is left in a penalty.  If there is an issue on the sideline, the TC will inform the Referee who will manage the situation.

The TC cannot call any penalties or timeouts, and should not attempt to explain calls to coaches.

Uniform and Equipment

  • The TC is required to wear a GLOA polo.
  • The TC should look presentable and appropriate (nice shorts are fine, jeans, khakis, etc.)
  • The TC should have a stopwatch/timing device capable of replacing the game clock in the case of extreme clock issues.

NOTE: please contact Greg Hite if you need a GLOA polo ASAP.

Game Day

  • Meet the other members of the crew at the designated time and identified location.
  • Join in the pre-conference with the on field officials and in the coaches’ certifications.
  • The Referee should introduce the TC and briefly explain the TC’s role.
  • Meet with the game clock operator before the game and review proper GHSA and NFHS timing.
  • Review with the table personnel their responsibilities and explain your role.
  • Ensure that there is a mechanism to communicate with the booth clock operator.

The GLOA Table Coordinator (TC) has three jobs:

  1. Ensure that the electric clock is operated in accordance with instructions received from the on-field officials and in accordance with the rules of lacrosse.
  2. Oversee penalty time and proper release of players.
  3. Oversee the sideline horn.

1. Ensure the clock is operated properly

  • Ensure that the quarter time is set correctly (12 minutes, 4 minutes for overtime).
  • Ensure that the clock runs when play is going on.
  • Ensure timeouts are accurate on the clock.
  • Ensure that halftime is accurately timed.
  • NOTE: if there is mismanagement of the clock (either intentional or not),  the TC should double tap the horn at the next stoppage of play and inform the R on the game.
  • The R on the game is responsible for correcting the situation, not the TC.

2. Oversee penalty time and release of penalties

  • Ensure that the table personnel accurately understand the penalty or penalties, who the infraction is on, and the amount of time to be served.
  • Ensure that the correct player serves his time (note that a coach can substitute for the player serving time when the release is imminent – last five seconds or so).
  • Ensure that release occurs at the proper time and not before.
    • If a player releases early: note the time, look up to see who has possession and at the next dead ball, double tap the horn and inform the closest official on the game.
  • Ensure that during a face off a player may not release until possession has been called.
  • If the table uses a timing device separate from the game clock, monitor for accuracy.

3. Oversee the sideline horn

  • Ensure there is a working horn prior to the game.
  • Make sure the horn is blown correctly:
    • at zero on the game clock in all four quarters.
    • at four minutes left in halftime.
    • in a double horn situation as noted above.