GLOA Rules Changes Page for NFHS & Youth

2017-rulebookCheck out the new GLOA rules write up for 2017 NFHS Rules & US Lacrosse Youth Rules changes.

The NCAA rulebooks are in the mail now and the NFHS rule books are being mailed out the last week of December. The 2017 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Book is now available on iTunes and Amazon. The US Lacrosse Youth Rulebook is now available for download to the public.

The NFHS and Youth Interpretation videos, are being worked up for each age group and will be available as we get closer to convention.  We will share links to those videos with officials as it becomes available. As a reminder all US Lacrosse coach and official members will get a free printed version of this USL Youth rulebook in addition to their NFHS or NCAA rulebook (which ever they choose at membership renewal).

For any rules question, please contact the GLOA Rules Interpreter Jeremy Redmon at [email protected].