Message from the Assignors

Please confirm Arbiter information is correct: Marked as ready, address, phone number, calendar blocks, travel zip & travel limits are set correctly.

Game Assignments

Once a few more HS team schedules are loaded we will start assigning 2-3 weeks out. MS/Youth games are usually assigned 5 to 10 days in advance of the contests.

Games are Starting this Week:

More games will be available as we get closer to March, along with Big Game Dates.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

The Newtown Parks Select League is having a preseason tournament at Sharon Springs Park (1950 Sharon Rd, Cumming, GA 30041) on February 6, starting at 9:00 am (or 9:25am) to 3:10 PM. The games start every 25 minutes — the actual games last 20 minutes. These are volunteer opportunities, so if you are interested please contact Bill Powell @ [email protected]

Opportunities are also available for experienced officials interested in learning three-man mechanics.

  • Field #9 Bill Powell will be on the sideline for most of the day answering any questions 1st year officials might have.  All 1st year officials are invited to come and watch these games.  If any 1st year official is interested they can come in full uniform and officiate a game or two (depending on demand), while being shadowed by a senior official.
  • Field # 10 will have senior officials that can help any official learning three-man mechanics.  With these shorter games, 5 officiating slots are available. (Each official would volunteer to officiate 3 games).

 GHSA Scrimmages

In addition to these opportunities, 1st year and 2nd year officials are welcome to attend/officiate one or more GHSA scrimmage games.  Please know that some of our scrimmages will be dedicated for the returning officials looking to be trained for 3-man mechanics.

To find more details about GHSA scrimmages, please log into your arbiter sports account, go to “Schedule” and select “Master Schedule” (it’s under Schedule, on the sub-header) or contact the assignor team [email protected].

Mother’s Day Weekend

We will be assigning multiple tournaments this weekend (May 6-8) and it might be the highest game count in one weekend that we can remember.  Please make sure your calendar blocks are set through July.

Good luck this season as expect more announcements and emails as the season gets started!

GLOA Assignors
[email protected]