NXT Summer Jam Tournament Info

lb3 summer jam logoNXT will host the 5th Annual Summer Jam at two locations this weekend June 6-7.

Please review the tournaments rules and field maps below.

  • Parking for officials will be first come first serve. Get there EARLY!
  • Each field will have a coordinator to keep penalty time, relay scores and information.
  • Uniform is stripped shirts and black hats. NO GREEN SHIRT/WHITE HAT.
  • Tony Rouse is the assignor for this tournament, contact him for any scheduling issues.

Click here for the Tournament Rules.

U9 Two Pass Rule

NXT is asking that we use the two-pass rule for U9 games:

Prior to attempting to score, the attacking team must attempt to complete two (2) passes in the Offensive Zone.

  • Passes must have an airborne element to be considered a pass, but the attempted pass may hit the ground.
  • Passes made in the Offensive Zone of the field can be dropped and the pass still considered a “completed attempt.”
  • Passes need only to be attempted and possession by the attempting team must be continuous. In the case of a dropped/missed pass, possession by the offense is assumed until/unless the defense positively establishes possession of the ball.
  • There is no ‘back court’ element to possession when a ball rolls across the midfield line. As long as possession is retained by the attacking team, two passes are deemed to remain in effect.

The Referee will call out each pass by holding a finger in the air to indicate which of the two passes has been attempted.

Example: After the 1st required pass is attempted the referee would hold up 1 finger, upon the correct attempt of the 2nd pass the referee would hold up two fingers, indicating the offensive team may now shoot at the goal.

Noonday Park

489 Hawkins Store Rd NE
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Noonday Park Southside: Fields 1-6

southside map

Noonday Park Northside: Fields 7-12

southside map

Kennesaw State University

3200 George Busbee Pkwy North West
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Fields A-F

northside map