Observation Program

During our meeting on the 26th we announced the Observation program that I think is an important mechanism that will allow GLOA to provide a professional, consistent crew of officials to those we serve. It will also help the individual official, grow and improve their game presence.

However, the fee structure created some misconceptions about what we want to achieve. The board has made some reviews and want each of you to re-consider the value of the program. I’ve provided some quick excerpts from the official program document that I ask you to read and study.

The full Observation Program documentation can be found on the GLOA website.
The observers program will serve GLOA is three primary ways.

  1. To improve the Association’s training program by providing individualized feedback to officials and working with trainers to develop plans to improve each official’s rules understanding and game mechanics.
  2. Provide feedback to the board, ensuring that all members are meeting the high standards of officiating set by the Association.
  3. As a key component of the Officials Certification Program (Registered, Approved and Certified).  An on-field observation will be required before any official is able to move from one certification level to the next.

Three different types of evaluations can occur:

  • Periodic Observation:  All GLOA officials will be required to be evaluated at least once every three years with a score provided.
  • Certification Advancement Observation:  An Official must be observed with a passing score in order to advance to the next level of certification (Registered, Approved, and Certified).
  • Requested Observation: Any Officials may request an observation.  It may count towards one of the requirements above or may be solely for personal development. Scored or Unscored.

The first two types of evaluations require scoring while the third does not.  Both of the first two types of observations will be fully funded under the program.  The third will require the official to forfeit his game fee to the observer.

Officials who request observation may choose to opt out of scoring.  Any of the evaluations can count as any of the others as long as scores are completed.

Each observer will evaluate only one of the officials on any game.  This one to one focus will allow us to provide the most accurate assessment of and detailed feedback to the offical being observed..


It is imperative that observers be compensated for their work.  In order to develop a self-sustaining program the GLOA Executive Board will allocate money from existing/future sources toward the observation program.

Both officials on the game will receive their entire game fee and the observer will receive a $55 fee.  For the 2014 season the GLOA Board will apply to the US Lacrosse local chapter for supplemental funding in order to minimize the financial impact on the association as well its members.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyonenext Sunday at Field Day. We will have more info and tools available to help supplement your season experience.
See you on the field,

Landon Hunsucker