Reminder to ALL Officials!

Some reminders for all officials; be sure to contact the R, dress identically and be one time.  These are not suggestions, these are mandatory.

All GLOA officials MUST:

  • confirm with their referee when and where they will meet before the game and what the uniform will be. DO NOT wait until the day of or before the game.  You can text, call or email. The R should not have to track you down.
  • be dressed identically. Referee decided what officials will wear. If you do not have a long sleeve shirt or pants, let the R know and get it ordered today.
  • have the proper GHSA and GLOA patches.  GHSA is on the left sleeve, GLOA on the right.  The American flag patch is optional and goes above the chest pocket.
  • have a 20 second timer. NO EXCEPTIONS. You cannot do the job if you do not have a timer. Order one now and pay for the expedited shipping.
  • be on time. This means arriving to the site 30 minutes before the game. We are expected to be on the field 20 minutes before the first faceoff (Rule 2-6-1).
  • conduct a pregame. Arriving early allows officials to get in the proper mental state to work the contest.  Veteran officials need to take their responsibility to mentor younger officials seriously.  These are some of the most important training sessions we as an association offer.