Results of GLOA Officiating Survey


To All Coaches, Contacts, and Officials:

We want to share the results of the survey we conducted recently.  A special thanks to GordonCorsetti and the GLOA Board of Directors for spearheading this effort to systematically and reliably get feedback on perceptions of lacrosse officiating in Georgia.  We will use this data to inform our training, and we will continue to look for ways to get good information to help us continue to improve.  I am not aware of any other group of officials in the state using reliable metrics like this to try to raise the level of play and of officiating, and I am looking forward to continuing to pursue the highest levels of professionalism, consistency, and excellence possible.

After reading the summary, one of the GLOA officials commented that he had the opportunity to meet Coach John Danowski from Duke recently.  He asked him what his number one priority is when he evaluates the officials assigned to ref the Blue Devils.  Coach Danowski told him that consistency is the number one concern for him.  Both coaches and officials indicated the same thing in the GLOA survey.

Thank you again and the summary of results can be found on our web page at

On behalf of the GLOA Board,

Damian Kavanagh
[email protected]

Note that we welcome any feedback!