SELC Tournament & Playoff Preparation

Hope everyone is having a fantastic season.  We are quickly approaching the end of season play-off run along with entering into the tournament season. There are still plenty of games to do and we need everyone to keep the body tuned and ready to go.  We are in the phase of the season where many of our games have playoff implications.  Please stay sharp and keep a level head. There will be lots of emotion flowing from the sidelines as well as on-field.  Let’s keep our focus and stick to routine.  

As I stated previously we have a full slate of playoff and tournament games as we move into the last part of the season.  We have assignments into June.  It’s very important that you look at your calendar and establish your Arbiter blocks through the end of June.  You can reference the GLOA calendar at the following location:

The SELC Tournament if in town this weekend.  GLOA has always had a great relationship with this event.  Please be aware that all officials are granted access to the tournament free of charge.  There are a full slate of games all weekend.  Please reference the schedule and locations at the following address:

Association names are provided at each entry gate.  If you have time in between games, please check-in and enjoy college club lacrosse at it’s finest.

Point to Remember:

  • Please be sure to update your Arbiter blocks as far out as possible
  • SELC in town this weekend
  • Maintain routine & field mechanics. REVIEW THE GLOA GAME GUIDE!
  • Represent GLOA well!
  • Have Fun!