Shootout for Soldiers

SOFSATLShootout for Soldiers is hitting Atlanta this weekend July 2nd!

Originally bid as a 24 hour lacrosse tournament, they have cut down to 12 hours of consecutive games.

Game are played Stars vs. Stripes and the cumulative points decide the winners.

The schedule currently has a Veterans team, some HS boys, Men’s and Women’s teams.

Help make these games possible for the teams that have raised money to play by donating your time for a game or two in the Shootout for Soldiers.

The directors emphasize that this is for fun…and with modified rules, you too will have fun.


Location- Kennesaw Mountain HS

2 man crews

Times- on the hour starting at 7 am with last game starting at 6 pm.

For further details and assignments please contact Chris LaPierre at [email protected].