Summer & Fall Update

Thank you everyone once again for a great spring/summer season and we appreciates everyone’s support.

Arbiter System Reminders

On June 30, the 2018 Spring and Summer Arbiter Schedules will be removed from the system as we prepare for the fall and spring seasons. You may want to download this information for tax purposes, if you need help, just shoot a board member or assign

By August 1,  please make sure that you have updated your calendar blocks through the end of the year. Please confirm that you have the correct phone number and zip codes/travel limits listed in the arbiter system.

Not Reffing this Fall or Spring?

If you are moving out of the area or do not plan to officiate this fall or spring please reply to this email to let me know.

Fall Lacrosse General Information

Some fall leagues will start mid-August, however the majority of leagues will start the weekend after Labor Day weekend.  99% of the games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays and games are usually running time games that generally last about an hour.

Fall Lacrosse Training:

If you know anyone interested in becoming an official we are having training classes this fall.  Please be sure to get a email address and a phone number for anyone who is interested.

More details will be announced once final details are confirmed and interested potential officials can sign up via the link at our Contact Page  or email [email protected].