Treasurer Update Fall 2019

GLOA is now using Bank of America.   If you also use BOA we can easily set up direct deposit.    Please contact GLOA Treasurer Peter Fleury at [email protected] and provide him your bank account information.  There are no transfer amount limits.

If you do not bank with BOA we can still set up direct deposit by providing me your account information and routing number.  Be aware there are transfer amount limits to other banks and fees may apply.  All fees will be charged to the recipient.

If you have never received payment from GLOA please make sure you have emailed or mailed a copy of your W9 to Peter as this is a requirement to receive payment.  Please note GLOA officials payments are based on what is listed in the arbiter system.  If you have any questions in regards to completed games please contact the assigning team ASAP.

Finally, if you have a check from GLOA from summer or spring, that check is no longer valid.  DO NOT attempt to deposit or cash it, the old account has been closed.  Please contact Peter if you have an old check.


Peter Fleury
GLOA Treasurer
[email protected]