Universal Field

The new Universal Field field optional was approved for youth play by US Lacrosse in 2016 and for high school play by the NFHS in 2018. The field reduces maintenance costs as well as the number of lines on the field as it can be used for both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. The original 110 yard field sizes for boys high school lacrosse may still be used, but the unified field is a legal alternative.

Measurements Unified Field Current Boys Current Girls
Field Length 120 yards 110 yards 110-140 yards
Midfield Area 40 yards 40 yards 30-40 yards
Restraining Line to Goal Line 25 yards 20 yards 30 yards
Goal Line to End Line 15 yards 15 yards 10-20 yards
Goal Circle/Crease Radius 9 feet 9 feet 8.5 feet

Field Diagrams | USA Lacrosse

Posts on Endline

Officials should note that a Universal Field that has soccer goal posts on the endline, MUST have padding for the contest to be played.

NFHS Rule 1-1 Note 2: If playing on a 120 yard Unified field, padding shall be used if a permanent goal post rests on the end line

Officials have the authority to have objects moved away from the field in the interests of player safety (see Rule 1.2.9 situation).  Similarly the coaches, administrators and officials are tasked with working together to make sure the field is safe and playable (Rule 2.6.1 Situation B).

Once the game begins, officials have complete authority to delay, suspend or terminate the contest.

It is the ruling of the State Rules Interpreter, the GLOA and the GHSA, that if soccer or football goal posts are on or near the endline, and are not able to be moved, these posts MUST be padded as well.