Update to Observation Program

The GLOA Observation Program was implemented in 2013.  Since then 127 officials have been observed, some multiple times. Our goal is provide our members the feedback and resources they need to be the best officials they can be, and to put a quality product on the field for the players, coaches, administrators and fans of the game of boys lacrosse in Georgia.

A key component of the program is the Officials Classification Program. Officials begin as registered, within two years are able to move to Approved if they pass an observation and two years later move to Certified, again if they pass an observation. Approved officials may work first round playoff games, while only Certified officials are eligible for later rounds.  

The GLOA Board recently made a change that addresses the possibility that an official failed an observation in order to maintain their status.  Should an official fail one of these observation, the Observation Committee will recommend that the official maintain their status, be demoted, no longer be an active member of the association, up to expulsion from the Association.

Failing an Observation to Maintain Current Status

Any official who fails a GLOA observation to maintain their current status may be demoted one classification level or more up to expulsion from the Association.

The Observation Committee shall make a recommendation to the president of the Association who shall render a decision. An appeal of the decision can be made to the full Board and their decision shall be final.

Please note that an official attempting to advance to a higher certification level who fails an observation will be able to use the feedback they receive to improve and will be encouraged to request another observation when they feel confident they have mastered the rules and mechanics.

If you are interested in being observed or have questions, email [email protected].