Clear and Deliberate Communication

As the GLOA’s Observation Program progresses this season, there is a common theme that many of the observers are noticing. Officials are “rushing” their calls, either on-field or when reporting penalties to the table. The U.S. Lacrosse (and former GLOA official Gordon Corsetti) posted an excellent article that outlines this problem and some great tips more »

2016 Observation Program

The GLOA Observation Program is up and running for the 2016 season.The program provides feedback to officials. assignors and trainers, ensures that we meet the high standards set by the board, and is a key step in each officials professional advancement. Thirty observations have been scheduled on officials that need an observation to go up a certification level. More more »

2016 LAREDO Opportunities

US Lacrosse will be holding a Level 2 LAREDO in Kennesaw, GA at the NXT Summer Jam Tournament, June 10-12. This is a great opportunity for GLOA officials to improve their game. Spots are reserved for local officials to participate in the program. Since the late 1980s, the LAREDO (LAcrosse REferee DevelOpment) Program has provided training more »