Observation Program Update

The GLOA Observation program was implemented in 2013 and serves the Association in three primary ways. It improves the GLOA’s training program, ensures that all members meet the high standards set by the Association, and is as a key component of the Officials Classification Program.

Since 2013, 83 of the 129 eligible members (83%) have been observed, some multiple times for a total of 109 observations. 

Our goal in the initial phase of the program is to have all GLOA officials who have completed their second year have a scored evaluation conducted once every three years. Initially only one official was observed per game. In an effort to increase the number of officials evaluated each season, the program will now observe multiple officials each game. This practice is consistent with other programs, including other Associations e.g. Washington Area Lacrosse officials Association (WALOA), US Lacrosse’s LAREDO program and the National Intercollegiate Lacrosse Officials Association (NILOA).

If you are interested in being observed or have questions, email [email protected].