2011 Rule Changes

If you are interested in reading up on the 2011 Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes from the NFHS please follow this link. There are several major rule changes and major editorial changes. The rules committee has firmly focused in on excessive/flagrant body contact to the head or a downed opponent as well as making our lives easier in the pre-game. For instance, “The pregame equipment certification by the head coach shall act as the team warning. The head coach shall certify to the referee before the game that all players are┬álegally equipped by rule.┬áNote: ‘a’ through ‘e’ can be covered by the referee asking the head coach: ‘Coach, are all your players legally equipped by rule?'” Now our pre-game certification is abbreviated by rule!

Hopefully this information is useful to everyone. If you are interested in getting a copy of the 2011 Boys Lacrosse Rulebook I would highly recommend registering with the NFHS and paying an officials fee. You can download the pdf anywhere you need to. I downloaded last year’s onto my phone, which was great during Fall Ball if I ever forgot my rule book.


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