2016 Observation Program

formThe GLOA Observation Program is up and running for the 2016 season.The program provides feedback to officials. assignors and trainers, ensures that we meet the high standards set by the board, and is a key step in each officials professional advancement. Thirty observations have been scheduled on officials that need an observation to go up a certification level.

More information on the Observation Program can be found on the GLOA website. If you have any questions or would like to request an observation, please email [email protected].

This season Ryan Rowe will be stepping down as the program coordinator. Please thank Ryan for all of the work he did putting together this program. Dale Hall will be transitioning this season into the role of the Program Coordinator.

There are three types of evaluations:

  • Periodic Observation:  All GLOA officials will be required to be evaluated at least once every three years with a score provided.
  • Advancement Observation:  An Official must be observed with a passing score in order to advance to the next level of certification (Registered, Approved, and Certified).
  • Requested Observation: Any Officials may request an observation.  It may count towards one of the requirements above or may be solely for personal development. Scored or Unscored.

The first two types of evaluations require scoring while the third does not.  Both of the first two types of observations will be fully funded under the program. Each observer will evaluate only one of the officials on any game. This one to one focus will allow us to provide the most accurate assessment of and detailed feedback to the official being observed. Officials are not eligible for an observation until they have completed their first season.

Both officials on the game will receive their entire game fee and the observer will receive a $55 fee. The Georgia US Lacrosse Chapter has agreed to supplement the cost of this program.