2019 NFHS Rules Edits, Corrections and Clarifications

The NFHS Lacrosse Rules Committee has issued the following ten corrections, editorial changes, and clarifications.

Please update your printed  2019 rule book accordingly. 

  • Clarification: 4-5 Art 9.    A shot can only be made when the ball is parallel to or above the goal line extended.   A shot that is taken from behind the goal line extended does not satisfy the criteria for ending a stalling situation as described in 6-10 Art 2,unless that shot results in a goal.
  • Remove Penalty in 5-3, page 59. Editorial error.
  • Remove Situations 5.4.1a, page 60 due to duplication.
  • Remove Situations 5.4.1b, page 60 due to duplication
  • Editorial Change: Situation 5.5b, page 61. Change situation to 6 inches. Editorial error with the old 6 ½ inch measurement.
  • Clarification: Situation 5.9.3b, page 64. Shall be a three-minute non-releasable if targeting a defenseless player.
  • Clarification: Situation 6.2.1e, page 68  A second flag should create an immediate whistle due to rule change.
  • Clarification: Situation 6.5.2a, page 73. Upon a second foul the penalty shall be a personal foul.
  • Clarification:Rule 6-10, Page 77. During the last two minutes a shot that hits the goalie or pipes does not remove the stall warning.
  • Ruling change: Situation 7.3b, page 84 The second penalty on team B results in the slow whistle being stopped by the official.