Message from the Assignors: Arbiter

This GLOA Communication Message is going out to Adult GLOA Members.

Please read this entire email as there are some important updates and details.

You may also review the 2019 GLOA Arbiter Guide.  


Patrick, Stuart & Tony
GLOA Assignor Team
[email protected]


As we discussed during training, GLOA covers over 110 schools and 5 Middle School Leagues all over the state of Georgia.  If you have the ability to travel or would like to work in different areas of the state please let the assignors know.  You may not realize, but we cover teams in Augusta, Athens, Dalton, Macon, Rome, and Savannah. If you travel for work and/or have availability to work games in these areas, please contact the assigning team at [email protected].  Include dates and locations to which you are able to travel.

Game Assignments:

Please remember you will receive an email once you are assigned a game and you will have up to 72** hours to accept or decline any assignment. Assignments can only be accepted/declined in Arbiter, no other method is an accepted method for game assignments. In other words, please do not send texts or emails to the assignors to accept or decline games.

**some assignments could be as soon as the next day
**Arbiter Guide Link listed at the bottom of this email

As we also discussed during training, please don’t just let the system reject a game if you aren’t available.  If you cannot work a pending assignment, please decline the game right away and in the comments/reason section please enter if you are not available that day or at a different time (see examples below).

Example declined comments:

  • Available from 8am to 2pm
  • Available after 2pm
  • Not Available on Saturday

Again, please make sure to communicate if you aren’t sure.

Please add [email protected] to your email contact list as Arbiter Sports emails could go to your spam folder.

  • If you need some extra time to figure out if you are or aren’t available just send the assigning team an email ([email protected]) as we will do our best to work with your schedule.
  • If something comes up, please email and if you don’t see a response then call (within a week)
  • If something comes up the day before a game assignment or the day-of, you must call an assignor or text message all 3 of us.

Umpires are expected to contact the Referee 72 hours prior to the game to confirm pregame and meeting times/location. The key is that the crew is in communication with each other prior to game day.

Dates to Notes:

Big Game Dates will be posted on the Arbiter in the Announcements on the Main page.

May starts our youth playoffs and summer tournament schedule; we have a tournament or two each weekend (except for Memorial Day Weekend).  Tournaments will continue into mid-June. The Fall Season will start in mid-August and will last through November/December.

Arbiter Reminders:

  • Update your blocks as far out as possible, a minimum through February and, if you can, through June.  Keep your blocks up-to-date!
  • Mark yourself “Ready” (on Arbiter homepage)
  • Confirm you have the correct travel limits set (Zip Code and Travel Distance)If you have multiple Arbiter accounts, you need to set up for each one

Confirm you have the correct contact information (Address, Cell Phone & Email) under your profile section

High School Rates:

  • Varsity Game Rate: $ 67
  • JV & Freshman Game Rate: $ 59

Remember you do get paid a travel fee for High School games, which is based on the mileage shown in the Arbiter system

Middle School Rates:

Middle School Games will have two different rates depending on league and level

  • $50* for running clock, (12-Minute Running Quarters, 5-Minute Halftime, 1 TO per half)
  • $60 for stop-time, same timing as JV Games (10 Minute Stop Quarters)

*Fee could be $5 less (example games start ever 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes)


Please ask if you have confused or have any questions about any of this information. If something doesn’t seem right please just let the assignors know by email us or just give us a phone call.  The Arbiter system isn’t perfect and issues might come up. Again, no matter what happens, just remember we are an email away and we can only help you if you communicate with us.

Any questions please let us know at [email protected].

2019 GLOA Arbiter Guide