2024 GLOA Board Candidates Statements

These six (6) GLOA members are running for four (4) spots on the GLOA Board. Per the By Laws, all members seeking a spot on the board run for at-large seats, the board then elects their officers. There is currently one open seats: Landon Hunsucker, the current Secretary has decided to retire from the Board.

  • GLOA members will vote for the four (4) candidates they feel will serve in the best interest of the association.
  • The four (4) candidates with the largest vote totals will be elected to serve on the Board.

You can reach each candidates statements below.  These are listed in alphabetical order.  If you have questions for the candidates please feel free to reach out to them to discuss their positions.  

Ballots Emailed Out

Ballots were emailed on Monday, May 20,  to the email listed in arbiter for all adult GLOA members and will come from [email protected].

Votes must be completed by 5:00 pm on Friday, May 27.

If you have any issues with the ballot, contact Greg Hite ([email protected]).

Clyde Allen Jr.

My name is Clyde Allen and I am running for a position on the GLOA Board. I started my officiating career with GLOA in 2012. GLOA has provided adequate training, positive feedback, and challenging assignment opportunities, all helping me to continuously develop into a better lacrosse official. The foundation of what I attained with GLOA helped propel me into becoming a NILOA official in 2016. My goal is to now yield GLOA the same level of commitment the organization has given to me.

My vision is to further grow the GLOA brand. We can achieve this by continuing to train and develop officials, enhancing the officials evaluation process, increasing efforts to retain officials, and strengthening our relationship with GHSA. Vote for me and I promise to serve GLOA with professionalism and dignity. Thanks.

Don Stoppenbach

I would like to be considered for the open GLOA Board Position. I’d like to focus my efforts within Training, Mentoring and Observations. As our sport continues to grow, and our membership “matures,” more individuals may retire or experience the reality of being able to run fewer games. Working to assure we have properly advanced and younger individuals will be key to our success.

As you know, I’ve helped with training here in the past and would be excited to contribute time within the vastly improved work we’re doing today. I was able to conduct seven (7) Observations this past season. It was rewarding to help with the development and improvement of our members and conducting the Observations helped my game as well. I also think the fact that I bring player, coaching and program administration experience is a plus. More recently, the officiating experience I gained in Seattle, where the training is not as developed and the numbers of Officials is woefully short, really drove home the need to pay attention to the metrics regarding numbers, recruiting and advancement.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Chuck Smith

I would like to place my name in for the election of the position of Secretary.

I have coached teams from U9 to College Prep since 2014, I have run the Old Guy Lacrosse League for the last 11 years and I have been a GLOA official for the last 10 years.

I was born and raised in Savannah, then moved to the Atlanta area in 1992.

I am Co-Owner of Horizon Controls Inc., a small industrial and commercial automation and controls engineering company, since 1994.

Linda and I have been married since 1992 and our son, Christopher, is a senior lacrosse attackman for Norwich University.  He is going to the Coast Guard basic training this summer, then will go full time after college.

Alan Skinner

Hello, my name is Alan Skinner I have officiating for 14 years and fell in love with the game of lacrosse. I  am running for the board because GLOA members have gave back so much to me that I want to serve the group. The spot that I would like to change is ajusting pay when a game do not start on time (obviously this does not include weather related incidents). Hopefully we can make this happen with your vote.


Herbert Phillips

I would like to submit my name (Herbert Phillips) for a at-large seat on the GLOA board. I became a member of GLOA in 2010 and in that time have worked numerous games, completed LAREDO 2 and 3 training, and worked three GHSA State Finals. I am also a member of the NILOA association which officiates lacrosse at the collegiate level. In addition to lacrosse, I am also have 15 years of experience as a football official. My vision for the organization is broken into two parts, recruiting and training. With the enormous growth in our sport, recruiting and retaining officials is imperative. After the recruitment, we must improve training of these and existing officials to expand our capability to work all levels of games (especially at the 3-man level).

Trey Towery

As a former player, I have watched the game grow and develop since 1993. I joined the association in the Spring of 2006 and have officiated four GHSA State Championships. I have been a collegiate official since 2008 and have been awarded two NCAA Division 2 semi-finals. In 2016, I was selected to join both professional leagues (NLL and MLL).

Georgia High School lacrosse has experienced an extreme growth from 10 teams in 2000 to more than 100 Varsity programs this past year. With that growth, we have had to focus much of our recruiting in other sports officiating to get games covered. Other sports officials are great and will need to continue to be a source for our association; however, as a sport, we need to do a better job converting previous players to officials. I would like to join the board in improving that conversion and discuss other areas of opportunity. Thanks for your consideration.