Answers to Quiz #1

Thanks to everyone who took our first rules quiz this season.  Here are the answers to last weeks questions with comments and rules references.

Quiz #2 will be posted soon!

1. What is the penalty for a crease that has only an 8 foot radius?

  • CORRECT: Play the game and submit incident report to GHSA within 24-hours on the website.  See Rule 1.2.
  • 3 minute NR foul on home head coach, in-home serves penalty. This is only for illegal goals.  
  • Technical foul on home team head coach, no faceoff, award ball to visiting team. This is only for an illegal midfield line.

2. What is the proper way of dealing with the player in the image below prior to the start of the game?

  • CORRECT: Explain that eye black can be one stroke under the eye with no words, numbers or symbols, and have them remove it. Handle these issues early in the season and it won’t be a problem for you or any other crew.  Rule 1.10 h.
  • Ignore it. Handle it before the game!
  • Assess a 1 minute NR Foul on every player who is illegally equipped.This is the penalty for eye shade and we want to avoid having to assess this!

3. Officials notice during play that B8’s mouthpiece dangling from his facemask while he is playing A14 who is in possession of the ball. It is not clear if it came out as a result of play. The proper response is:

  • FDSW. Illegal procedure on B8 who serves 30 second, unless team A scores a goal. NO it is not clear if it came out as a result of play.
  • At next dead ball send B8 off the field but do not assess a penalty. No, stop play unless imminent scoring opportunity and have the player put his mouthpiece in properly .
  • CORRECT: Immediate whistle (unless imminent scoring opportunity), have B8 properly wear mouthpiece. Team A restarts with ball. Don’t be too good, if you are not sure how it came out assume it came out as a result of play. Rule 1.9.1 Situation B.

4. Player A11 has red gloves, a black head on his crosse, a white shaft, but no tape. The proper call is:

  • Illegal procedure on A11. Award ball to Team B. Crosse must have tape of a contrasting color. Tape alone is no longer the requirement.
  • Immediate whistle. B12 serves 30 seconds for illegal procedure. This is a loose ball technical foul as a faceoff is pending, so if the violaion is called it would simply mean awarding the ball to Team A.
  • CORRECT: The contrasting color of the shaft to the head and gloves meet the requirements for legal faceoff crosse. Don’t be too good, the reason we need contrasting color is to see that the player is not touching the plastic.  Whether that color is the result of tape, paint or “other material” is irrelevant. Rule 4-3-3 n.

5. A5 scores. Before the faceoff, B7 is assessed a conduct foul. Team B then requests a stick check on the goal scorer and A5 stick is found to have a deep pocket. How should this be handled?

  • A5 serves a 3 min NR foul. Stick is on the table for the remainder of the game. B7 serves no penalty time. Team B starts with Ball at center x. No, a deep pocket is a 1-minute NR foul.
  • CORRECT: A5 serves a 1 min NR foul and the stick may return to the game. Award ball to Team B at center x. B’s conduct penalty is a loose ball conduct foul, possession simply goes to team A.  Goal is waived off.
  • These are simultaneous fouls. B7 serves 30 seconds which is non-releasable for his conduct foul and A5 serves 1 min NR foul and the stick may return to the game. Team B starts with the ball s they have less penalty time. The stick check occurs afterwards, therefore these are not simultaneous fouls as we know the order in which the fouls occur during the dead ball.  A5 serves 1 minute for the deep pocket, ball is awarded at center x to Team B.

6. What is the correct definition of the “over and back” rule?

  • CORRECT: After the ball has been successfully advanced into the goal area; the offensive team carries, passes or propels the ball to its defensive half of the field. Rule 4.14.3
  • Anytime the ball crosses back over to the defensive half of the field regardless of who last possessed or touched the ball. No, the ten count must be satisfied for over and back to come into play.
  • While a 10 second advancement count is still on and the offensive team carries, passes or propels the ball to its defensive half of the field. No, the ten count must be satisfied for over and back to come into play.

7. The Umpire and Field Judge assigned to a game should:

  • Contact the R immediately upon accepting the game.
  • Discuss where to meet and what to wear at least 48 hours prior to the game.
  • CORRECT: All of the above. Be sure to contact your R ASAP! See the GLOA game guide.

8. A1 dives in the air and shoots and the ball enters the goal. When will the goal be allowed?

  • A1’s body lands in the crease before the ball enters the goal. A goal will NEVER count if the player lands in the crease before the ball enters the goal whether or not he was grounded. 
  • A1’s body lands in the crease after the ball enters the goal. Only if the player is grounded!
  • CORRECT: A1’s body passes through the airspace of the crease without touching the crease, goal, or goalkeeper, and then lands outside of the crease. A goal NEVER counts if the player leaves his feet AND lands in the crease.  Rule 4.9 o.

This clip is an example of a player who leaves his feet and lands in the crease. The crosscheck at the end of the play is assessed but it has no bearing on the fact that the goal is waived off.


This is the signal for:

  • CORRECT: Waiving off a stall warning. 
  • Simultaneous fouls.
  • Get it in/Keep it in.

10.During play, A1 has possession and is looking to pass the ball to A2 in front of the crease. Before the pass can be made, B1 checks A2’s stick out of his hands while the ball is more than five yards away. What is the proper ruling?

  • Immediate whistle. Award ball to Team A twenty yards laterally from the goal. No, Team A is in possession of the ball FDSW.
  • CORRECT: Flag down, slow whistle. Penalize B1 for interference. A2 has been disadvantaged and is no longer a legally equipped player.  It is important that the off ball official watch for this.  Rule 6.7.
  • Flag down, slow whistle. Penalize A2 for illegal offensive screening. No, A2 has been disadvantaged!

Here is an example: