NFHS Rules Memo: Warding

The NFHS released a rules memo regarding the ward on February 26, 2018. The rationale is that as long as the offensive player has  two hands on the crosse, a requirement for a legal body check in Rule 4.15, he should be allowed to initiate legal body contact whether he is an offensive or a defensive player.

Warding Memo

  1. A ward is not to be called on a player with two hands on his crosse.
  2. A bull dodge, lowering the shoulder, could be considered unnecessary roughness if the official judges the contact was excessive or unnecessary.
  3. A spear should be penalized with a minimum time of 2-minutes NR.
    • Lowering the helmet into the other player’s helmet or body is a spear
    • Potential for ejection as with any check involving the head/neck if excessive or severe.
  4. If the body contact is judged as legal, the offensive player shall not be called for a ward. The contact is either legal, or it is unnecessary roughness.

 The Bull Dodge

The Bull Dodge as his move is called is the signature move of Brown University attackman Dylan Molloy.