GHSA Modifications for Spring 2021

The changes were approved by the GHSA for use this season. The specific rules modifications are listed below and the the video explain how officials are to implement these changes.

Note that these mechanics changes apply to non-GHSA contests as well.

Masks & Social Distancing

GHSA encourages all officials, coaches, game administrators and players on the sideline to wear a mask or gaitor and practice social distancing where possible.  

Modification to Rule 1 Section 1 The Field Art. 9

Each bench area shall extend 30 yards parallel to the sideline.

Modification to Rule 4 Section 1 Coin Toss Art. 1

Only one captain from each team shall participate in the coin toss

Modification to Rule 4 Section 2 Lineup 

The referee shall not draw up players in lines facing each other prior to the opening faceoff.  

Modification to Rule 4 Section 3 Facing Off Art. 3

The official administering the faceoff shall place the ball on the midline where they wish to conduct faceoff rather than wait until players have positioned themselves.  The  official may verbally adjust the players by saying “tops to stop” or “move left” or “move right,” but are not to physically move the players or their crosses. All other requirements for the faceoff remain in effect (cf Rule 4 Section 3 Facing Off Art. 3)

This video explains the GHSA approved NFHS rules modifications for boys lacrosse in Georgia. These changes apply to GHSA contests as well as youth contests.

Optional GHSA Certification Question

The GHSA has indicated to the GLOA board that this question is highly recommended, but not mandated. The GLOA board leaves whether or not the this question is asked of the head coaches to the Referee assigned to the game.

“Coach, to the best of your knowledge are all of your players Covid free and they have been following established COVID protocols.”

In order for the game to be played, both head coaches must answer yes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a board member, trainer, or assigner.