GHSA Testing Update

Thanks for your patience regarding the rules test.

The latest update from the GHSA is that everyone needs to go into their Arbiter profile and enter their Social Security Number (note: this is a secure site). Once you have done so, the GHSA will be able to upload all the GLOA officials into their testing system. Evidently they have to merge Arbiter with State Registration with State Testing so they can allow Officials to access the test as well as link you with the State’s Officials’ Liability Insurance. The common link between all the above is your SSN.

Please do so ASAP.

Once this is all done, we will let you know when the test will be available to you.

All of this extra work this year is due to the GHSA requiring Arbiter as the main source of all the GHSA’s databases. Next year will be much, much simpler.

As always, please contact Dave Clements at [email protected]  if you encounter a problem, or have a question.