Warrior Announces Updated Plan for Regulator Helmet Exchanges

On Wednesday, Warrior announced new replacement guidelines for consumers who own the de-certified “Regulator” helmet. The plan outlines a partnership with retailer Lacrosse Unlimited, with 52 store locations nationwide, in hopes of expediting replacements.

The replacement will be completed at no cost to the consumer, however, customers will be required to return their de-certified Regulator helmet to Lacrosse Unlimited before receiving the replacement helmet. Replacement helmets may be from non-Warrior models.

For team helmet needs, Warrior is directing consumers to call (855) 483-2658 in order to work with the Lacrosse Unlimited team sales department.

For individual helmet needs, Warrior is asking consumers to visit one of Lacrosse Unlimited’s store locations. If no local location exists, customers are asked to call (877) 800-5850) to speak to a Lacrosse Unlimited retail staff member.

Warrior also stated that it is working directly with all Regulator owners who have contacted the company directly over the past 60 days.

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