GLOA Gear Bag

GLOA has been working with the fellow lacrosse official Bob Pradella at Mercury Luggage/Seward Trunk Company to make available a high quality gear bag with the GLOA shield and officials’ names embroidered on it.  Mercury is a major provider of luggage to major league sports teams and officials (e.g. NFL and MLB) as well as the US Military.

GLOA Officials may now order on their own. If you are interested in purchasing a GLOA logo gear bag with your name (and/or number) embroidered on it for $62.00 plus roughly $13 shipping and handling, download this catalog and order form, then contact Joy Fraser at Mercury Luggage to place your order and pay for your gear. In addition to the gear bag, Mercury offers a wide variety of products including shoe bags and backpacks.

If you have questions, please contact Greg Hite at [email protected].

Signature Series Large Club Bag (#2106)

  • 25 x 12 x 11
  • ballistic nylon, corded seams, double stitched
  • silver hardware (buckles are for show, there are clips underneath)
  • $62.00/bag ($54.00 plus $5.00 for the GLOA logo and $3.00 for embroidered names/numbers)

Here are some photos of the sample bag fully loaded with my long pants/shirt, shorts, hats, shoes, gear and flags etc…Let me know if you have any questions.