GLOA Online Rookie Training Course 1 and 2 OPEN

If you are an adult (18 and over and out of high school) and are interested in becoming a Boys lacrosse referee but were unable to attend out training this January, please consider taking our online training course.  You can find the courses under the Training Tab on the GLOA websites main page.  Click on All Courses link.

You will register on the GLOA website learning management system (LMS) under and watch a series of videos that over specific topics.  Each video runs about 25 minutes and is followed by a short open book quiz.

Training Courses 1 and 2 are now open.  Courses 3-5 should be ready by the next week.

Training Course Part 1 covers:

  • The Game and Rules
  • Key Definitions
  • Field Goal, Ball and Equipment
  • Clock, Mercy Rule and Overtime
  • Crosse & Equipment

Training Course Part 2 covers:

  • Positioning, On Off Official and Settled Situations
  • Out of Bounds and Offsides
  • Substitutions and Restarts
  • Counts and Stalling

Training Course Part 3 covers:

  • Faceoffs
  • Crease Play and Goalie Privileges
  • Goals

Training Course Part 4 covers:

  • Personal Fouls
  • Technical Fouls
  • What Foul to Call
  • Play on, FDSW, and When to Throw a Flag
  • Signalling & Assessing Fouls

Training Course Part 5 covers:

  • Game Personnel, Officials Uniform, and Equipment
  • Pregame Responsibilities
  • Game Management

We are excited you are joining us! Be sure to reach out with any questions.

You can reach Greg Hite at [email protected].