Message from the Assignor

As the season gets rolling, your cooperation and attention to these matters is appreciated.

Game Assignments:

We have already had a significant number of officials automatically removed from games because you did not Accept (or Decline) the assignment in Arbiter.

You MUST accept the game assignment in the system, or Arbiter will automatically remove you after 2 or 3 days.  Simply seeing the email notifying you of an assignment, or even viewing the assignment in Arbiter does NOT accept the game for you.

Crew Communication:

Umpires and Field Judges MUST reach out to the Referee a few days before the game to confirm that they plan to work the game, determine where to meet for the pregame and what the crew will wear.  You may call, text or email.

It is a good practice for Referees to contact the home coach to confirm game time and location a few days in advance. Contact information for both officials and coaches may be found in arbiter under the lists tab and in the game assignment itself. Please make sure that you have updated your contact info in arbiter and that your profile has a recent photo.

Non-High School Games:

Games will start to pick up next weekend and even more leagues will start the following weekend.  Rules for these non-high school leagues will be posted on the Youth League Rules.  Some of the league rules will not be update until next Friday February 24.

Incident Reports:

If something that normally doesn’t happen, occurs in your game the referee will need to call his assignor immediately after the game and fill out an Incident Report within 24 hours. The Incident Report form is located on our website under the Contact tab. For a more detailed description of what should be included in a report, please consult this post.

Remember if you have any questions or concerns, something doesn’t seem right, etc, please email the assigning team at [email protected]