Message from the GLOA President

I hope all of you are doing well and are coping with the extraordinary situation facing us all. For those of you on the front lines dealing with this health crisis, I would extend sincere gratitude on behalf of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association. Your commitment and fortitude go well beyond any words we may have to express our thanks.
I never thought it would come to this, but the worst of our fears regarding the Spring 2020 high school lacrosse season have come to pass. Please see the following statement from GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines. There are no GHSA activities or practices allowed until further notice. It follows, obviously, that all youth and middle school programs are canceled as well. 

While I know this is disappointing, I have to believe that our collective sacrifice is for the best. I was able to observe a number of lacrosse games up until games were suspended — we had an excellent season going. I am proud of GLOA. You should be, too.

Given recent developments, GLOA has begun invoicing and collecting game fees for GHSA member schools, as well as youth and middle school leagues. Our goal is to collect all game fee invoices by the end of April. We can then begin payouts to individual members. Please know, too, that the GLOA board is reviewing dues requirements, with an eye toward optimizing member contributions base on our overall costs.

On a personal note, I had planned to begin stepping away from on field officiating after this season. I may have to rethink that plan. If anything, I am more eager than ever to see things through.

In the meanwhile, GLOA Board member and Vice President, James Eubanks, has done some excellent research on CARES Act implications that may be applicable to you. That information is shared in this newsletter and here:  Relief Available to Independent Contractors During Coronavirus Outbreak.

Greg Hite is setting up a ‘Lacrosse-talk’ forum for us hardcores that may be jonesing for lacrosse interaction (and maybe a bit of other fun), and, most importantly, we are now invoicing our schools and other associations to expedite getting everyone paid for this truncated season.

In all likelihood, we will not be able to hold our annual season end party in 2020. I will sincerely miss seeing everyone. However, as my father always told me, ‘this, too, shall pass.’  Maybe we can get together with renewed vigor when all this hoo-hah is over. Until then, keep the faith.

I will be in touch regarding further developments.

Best regards,

Bill Powell, President